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Columnist: SF’s ‘Needle Access’ Is a Disaster

San Francisco’s needle exchange program, which began in 1988 in an attempt to prevent, reduce and eventually thwart the spread of HIV among users, has spiraled out of control and into a public health disaster for inhabitants of the burgeoning city.

San Francisco needles (Christopher Michel / Flickr / CC / cropped)

Just as Obama Opens Relations, a New Strain of HIV Appears in Cuba

In the United States, fear of HIV has recently faded as treatments and awareness have caused some complacency with the disease. But a new, more virulent strain seems to be upsetting that complacency, and the source of this stronger version of the deadly virus is Cuba, the very nation that Obama wants opened up to American tourism.

AP Photo/Sherry Yates Young

Two Male Porn Actors Contract HIV on Set in Nevada

Two male adult film actors tested positive for HIV this week, with officials speculating that one actor infected the other with the virus while having unprotected sex on a film shoot in Nevada. The incident marks the first time since 2004 that adult film performers contracted the virus on a film set.

AP Photo/Sherry Yates Young