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NTSB: Amtrak Train Going Twice Speed Limit Prior to Derailment

Using its verified Twitter account, the National Transportation Safety Board reported Wednesday afternoon that the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday night in Philadelphia was moving at 100 miles per hour just prior to the derailment and crash that killed 7 and injured more than 200. According to the other reports, 100 miles per hour is twice the speed limit at the point of the crash, which was along a sharp curve. Along with 238 passengers, there were 5 crewmembers aboard the train when it crashed at around 9;30 p.m. Tuesday night.


Big Government: The Cause Of, and Solution To, All Problems

Just as the last Republican in Detroit or Baltimore will be blamed for every problem faced by those troubled cities, despite generations of unchallenged Democrat rule; just as the public education system will never have enough money, no matter how lavish its per-pupil expenditures, and disappointing its results; just as the War on Poverty needs fresh financial ammunition, despite spending trillions over the course of decades to negligible effect; so everything wrong with Amtrak will be blamed on whoever resists the next demand for subsidy money.

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CNN Ghouls Exploit Amtrak Tragedy to Oppose GOP Budget Cuts

Just after 9 a.m., the morning after the Tuesday night Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, CNN was already exploiting the tragedy to attack Republicans over budget cuts. Cristina Alesci was reporting from outside a train station. The execrable Carol Costello was

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Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia, Killing 6

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Rescue crews searched the mangled wreckage for victims Wednesday as investigators tried to determine why an Amtrak train jumped the tracks in a crash that killed at least six people, injured more than 200 and plunged screaming passengers into darkness and chaos.

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Low-Speed Rail: California’s Other Option

California’s controversial high-speed rail project is barely under way, but it’s already been beaten by other options. Under the best of assumptions, the (subsidized) cost of a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles when the bullet train is complete will be $86, plus “last mile” costs of traveling to and from the train station. The journey, door to door, will take about four hours–that is, if the high-speed rail makes the journey in under three hours as originally advertised, which it will not.

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Massive Anaheim Transport Center Falling 75% Short

Orange County’s new transportation center, ARTIC, located on the 5 freeway near the Honda Center, has drawn fewer than 800 boardings a month since it opened December 8–far fewer than the roughly 3,000 Anaheim officials projected when they hawked the center to the city’s citizens, according to the Orange County Register.


Bill to Force Amtrak to Allow Pets

Republican Congressman Jeff Denham of California, who takes his bulldog Lily when he flies across the country, was perturbed when he found he couldn’t take the dog on Amtrak unless she was a service dog. He was determined to do something about that.

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