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Turkey Accuses Islamic State of Killing 30 Civilians in Syria

The Turkish army on Monday accused Islamic State (IS) jihadists of killing at least 30 civilians seeking to flee the flash-point Syrian town of Al-Bab, which Ankara and its rebel allies have been seeking to capture for weeks.

The Associated Press

Top Italian Bishop: Islamist Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Religion

Despite appearances to the contrary, the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara and the Berlin massacre in a Christmas market have nothing to do with religion but are economically motivated, according to the secretary general of the Italian bishops’ conference.


Turkey, Russia Vow Cooperation after Ambassador’s Killing

Russian investigators worked Tuesday to determine whether the assassination of their ambassador to Turkey was the work of a lone gunman or part of a wider conspiracy as the two countries, which have backed opposing sides in the Syrian war, said they would not let the killing disrupt efforts to repair their relationship.

Russian Amb, Assassin-Turkey-Dec 20, 2016-Credit Hasim KilicHurriyet, via Reuters

Aleppo Evacuations Halted as Rebels Open Fire on Convoy

The evacuation of civilians and opposition fighters from eastern Aleppo have been suspended after rebels opened fire on a convoy at one of the crossing points of the rebel-held enclave, according to Syrian state TV.

A syrian soldier gestures during the evacuation of insurgents from a rebel-held area of Aleppo towards rebel-held territory in the west of Aleppo's province on December 16, 2016. Russia announced it was negotiating with the Syrian opposition and seeking a nationwide ceasefire, as the evacuation of civilians and fighters from …

First Israeli Envoy to Turkey Since 2010 Starts Work

Israel’s first ambassador to Turkey since 2010 presented his credentials to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, completing a critical step in the normalisation of relations after a bitter diplomatic rift.

Israeli ambassador to Turkey Eitan Naeh arrives to present his letter of credence to Turkish president at the presidential Complex in Ankara, on December 5, 2016. / AFP / ADEM ALTAN (Photo credit should read ADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Torture Appeared Widespread After Turkey Coup: UN Expert

Measures taken in Turkey after the July 15 coup attempt created an “environment conducive to torture”, and ill treatment appears to have been widespread immediately after the failed putsch, a UN expert said Friday.


Turkish Call to Drop Gaza Ship Case Against Israelis

A Turkish prosecutor called for charges related to a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship to be dropped following diplomatic reconciliation between Turkey and Israel, state media reported on Friday.

Mavi Marmara

First Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Since 2010 Arrives

Israel’s new ambassador to Turkey arrived in the capital Ankara on Thursday, an Israeli embassy official said, to serve as the first official envoy since a six-year spat put diplomatic relations on ice.

AFP/File Adem Altan

Israel Names First Ambassador to Turkey Since 2010

Israel nominated a new ambassador to Turkey Tuesday, its first since the two countries normalised ties after the 2010 crisis triggered by Israel’s deadly storming of a Gaza-bound ship.

Mavi Marmara

Turkey Seeking Influence in Post-Islamic State Mosul

Turkey has been anxiously following the Iraqi government’s efforts to liberate the city of Mosul from extremist factions and re-establish its authority there, an Arab intelligence official said.

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