Britain’s First U.S. Shale Gas Delivery Arrives in Scotland

GRANGEMOUTH, Scotland (Reuters) – Britain’s first shale gas delivery from the United States sailed into a heated European political debate on fracking on Tuesday and immediately ran into its first practical problem – the Scottish weather.

GRANGEMOUTH, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 27: JS INEOS Insight, the first ship carrying shale gas from the US, arrives in the Firth of Forth en route to Grangemouth Oil refinery on September 27, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The tanker is the first of eight shipping ethane from US shale fields, in …

Destroying America’s Energy Industry with Phony Methane Issues

What is the “biggest unfinished business for the Obama administration?” According to a report from Bill McKibben, the outspoken climate alarmist who calls for keeping all fossil fuels in the ground, it is “to establish tight rules on methane emissions”—emissions that he blames on the “rapid spread of fracking.”

Sand Causes Cancer

How Anti-Frackers Raise The Risk of UK-Wide Blackouts

The risk of blackouts this winter has increased compared with a year ago, according to National Grid. More people demanding more energy at a time when new power stations are a rarity means that as supply meets demand something has to

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Left Attacks California Governor as ‘Big Oil Brown’

As Governor Brown wrestles with the Democrat-run state legislature on how to spend the state’s supposed $3 billion surplus, he is being challenged by California’s powerful environmentalist lobby.

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Another Domino Falls for Anti-Fossil Fuel Crusaders

Throughout the United States, especially in communities with existing or potential oil-and-gas development, outside groups have moved in with a vengeance and agitated the population—resulting in bans against all exploration for hydrocarbons and/or the use of hydraulic fracturing. Expensive lawsuits have been filed and courts have repeatedly declared such bans as “unconstitutional.” The newest domino to fall is in Texas where Governor Greg Abbott, on May 18, signed House Bill 40 (HB40)—also known as the Denton Fracking Bill—which clarifies that an “oil and gas operation is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state. Breitbart Texas reported on the bill’s passage.

Dominoes Falling

Celebrity-Backed Anti-Fracking Group Condoning Violence Against Opponents

An anti-fracking campaign has been condoning violence against academics who oppose their mantras. The ‘Fracademics’ campaign, supported by Vivienne Westwood, Joseph Corre and Lush, posted an image to their Facebook page of an academic having oil thrown in her face with

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