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Hamas Official Downplays Discovery of Attack Tunnel in Israel

A Hamas official downplayed Israel’s announcement on Monday that an attack tunnel reaching into Israeli territory was discovered and destroyed. “The Israeli statements are motivated by domestic politics,” the official claimed to Breitbart Jerusalem. “It’s an old tunnel that wasn’t part of


Palestinian Authority Names Basketball Game After Terrorist

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian Authority school hosted a basketball game this month named after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who perpetrated the worst terror attack in Israel’s history, killing 37, including 12 children. The Palestinian daily Al Quds, in an article translated

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Israel Busts Hamas Terror Cell Planning Abduction and Murder

The Shin Bet Intelligence Agency broke up a Hamas terror cell last month that was plotting to carry out kidnappings and murders of Israelis in order to trade their bodies for the release of Palestinian prisoners, security forces announced on

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