Indonesian Men Facing 15 Years in Prison for ‘Gay Party’

The AFP news service reports that eight men were arrested in Indonesia on Sunday after organizing a “gay party” at a hotel in Surabaya. Six were soon released, but the other two face charges that could bring them up to 15 years in prison.

This photo taken on April 30, 2017 shows Indonesian police parading a group of men arrested for allegedly holding a 'gay party' in Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority country. Officers busted 14 men holding the party in two hotel rooms in Surabaya, around …

Anti-Porn Billboards Erected in San Francisco

A group of young people from Salt Lake City, Utah have started a billboard campaign in California’s Bay Area using the slogan “Porn Kills Love. Fight For Love.” Their hope is to arouse people’s interests as to how porn could be changing and affecting their relationships.

Porn Kills Love (torbakhopper / Flickr / CC)

British PM Demands Porn Hosts Restrict Access or Face Closure

Prime Minister David Cameron is demanding online pornographers either ‘voluntarily’ install effective age-restricted controls on their websites or risk legislation that could see them closed down altogether. In a move which will see the state assuming the role of parent in regulating children’s


Sleazy Parliamentarians Access Porn at Work 20,000 Times a Month

Computers used by MPs, lords and their staff were used to access porn more than 20,000 times a month on average last year, new figures have revealed. In total, more than 247,000 hits were made to x-rated websites via the Parliamentary

Palace of Westminster