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Apple’s Stranglehold on App Developers Continues to Crumble

In a major policy shift, tech giant Apple has announced that it will allow music, video, and other media apps to direct users towards sign-up pages on their websites. This will allow companies like Spotify and Netflix to bypass Apple’s 15 to 30 percent payment processing fee.

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It’s Good to Be the King: Apple’s App Store Revenue Surges 22% in First Half of Year

A recent report has revealed that Apple’s App Store has seen significant success in recent months with consumers spending $41.5 billion in the first half of 2021 alone, almost double that of the Google Play Store. Apple’s App Store sales are up more than 22 percent even as the iPhone giant faces lawsuits and government regulations over the stranglehold it maintains on iOS app developers.

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Apple, Google Face Pressure Overseas Over App Store Payment Systems

According to recent reports, countries such as South Korea are considering altering their laws to force tech giants Apple and Google to allow third-party payment systems in their app stores. The change would give app developers the freedom to offer payment options outside of Google and Apple’s app stores, bypassing the company’s massive 30 percent cut of revenues.

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Playing Nice: Apple Will Let Developers Tell Customers About Alternative Payment Methods in Major Policy Shift

Apple has reportedly agreed to allow app developers to contact users to inform them about alternative payment options outside of the Apple app store ecosystem, marking a serious departure from the company’s previous policies. Apple takes up to 30 percent of revenues from developers for all purchases made within the app store, and is embroiled in a major lawsuit with Fortnite developer Epic Games over developers’ right to deal with customers directly.

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Apple Argues that Giving Consumers the Freedom to Choose Apps ‘Eliminates Choice’

A key point of contention for Apple in recent months has been pressure on the company to allow users to “sideload” apps onto their iOS devices, a process that completely avoids the Apple App Store, which the company continues to argue is both unsafe and unfair to users. Incredibly, the company claims that the freedom to choose different methods of loading apps “eliminates choice” for the consumer.

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Facebook Will Help Users Bypass Apple’s Cut of App Purchases

In a move that will likely anger Apple, the CEO of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has stated that the company wants to promote offline transactions between creators and brands in order to bypass Apple’s 30 percent cut of in-app purchases. This is the latest salvo in an ongoing war between the Masters of the Universe.

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The Legal War Between Apple and Epic Games Is Heating Up

Apple and Epic Games are currently engaged in an intense legal battle related to App Store fees and Apple’s ban on third-party payment processors. The arguments each company plan to present in court are becoming clearer as their showdown in court approaches.

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Apple Developer: App Store Security Is Like Bringing ‘Plastic Butter Knife to a Gunfight’

According to recently released legal documents, a senior Apple engineer compared the company’s App Store defenses against malicious actors to be like “bringing a plastic butter knight to a gunfight.” The senior employee also described the company’s review process for new apps as “more like the pretty lady who greets you… at the Hawaiian airport than the drug-sniffing dog.”

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Developer: Apple Is ‘Willfully Neglecting’ App Store by Offering Scam Apps

In a recent tweet thread, iOS App Developer Kosta Eleftheriou claims that Apple is doing little to combat a growing number of scam apps in its App Store, with some of these apps generating as much as $5 million a year from unsuspecting users. According to Eleftheriou, “they’ve had many chances now and for years to right this wrong — but they’re now willfully neglecting to do so, in an alarming pattern of behavior.”

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ProtonMail CEO: Apple Runs Its App Store Like ‘Mafia Extortion’

Tech giant Apple reportedly forced the privacy-focused email app ProtonMail to add in-app purchases to its iPhone app despite the service being free for years. Apple’s treatment of the popular privacy-centric email service is another example of Tim Cook’s company flexing its monopoly power. ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen likened Apple’s app store policies to “mafia extortion.”

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Apple App Store Revenue Jumped 31% Last Quarter

A new report states that tech giant Apple enjoyed a massive 31 percent spike in App Store revenue year-over-year in Q3, jumping from $14.5 billion last year to $19 billion this year. TikTok has emerged as the highest-earning non-game app on both the Apple and Google app stores.

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‘Fortnite’ Developer Epic Games Scores Partial Victory Against Apple

Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple is now well underway with the game developer scoring a partial win in the first ruling on the case. The court granted the developer a temporary restraining order against Apple following the tech giant’s threat to remove Epic’s Unreal Engine from multiple Apple platforms — an act of retaliation against the Fortnite company that would have impacted thousands of developers working on their own games and entertainment projects.

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Apple And Google Under Fire for App Store Duopoly

The smartphone market has become a duopoly. Two companies, Apple and Google, have captured almost 99 percent of the global market for smartphone operating systems. Almost every new smartphone made today will either feature Google’s Android operating system, or Apple’s iOS.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Defends Blacklisting Hong Kong Protest Tracking App

Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended the company’s decision to blacklist an app tracking Hong Kong protest and police activity. One Hong Kong legislative counselor commented, “We Hongkongers will definitely look closely at whether Apple chooses to uphold its commitment to free expression and other basic human rights, or become an accomplice for Chinese censorship and oppression.”

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