Facebook Will Help Users Bypass Apple’s Cut of App Purchases

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In a move that will likely anger Apple, the CEO of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has stated that the company wants to promote offline transactions between creators and brands in order to bypass Apple’s 30 percent cut of in-app purchases. This is the latest salvo in an ongoing war between the Masters of the Universe.

CNBC reports that Facebook is looking to ingratiate itself in the online creator community, claiming it hopes to help millions of people to make a living from its various apps. Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated on Wednesday that the company wants to promote offline transactions between creators and companies in order to avoid Apple’s 30 percent cut of in-app purchases.

Mosseri told CNBC: “When there are digital transactions that happen on iOS, Apple insists that they take 30% of that. There’s a very few number of exceptions. For transactions that happen in iOS, we’re going to have to abide by their rules… but in general we’re going to look for other ways to help creators make a living and facilitating transactions that happen in other places.”

He added: “So, for instance, if we could help brands and creators vet each other and find each other, they could make those transactions happen offline. For affiliate marketing, it’s real goods, not digital goods. So we’re going to try and lean in to the places creators can actually make a stable living.”

Apple usually takes a 30 percent cut from purchases of software or digital goods from apps in its App Store. This means that creators would eventually have to split revenue from goods sold within the app between themselves, Facebook, and Apple. In order to bypass this, Instagram could push for creators to connect offline with brands.

“If we’re going to be the best home for creators online, we’re going to have to offer a suite of these types of monetization products because there’s a lot of competition and it’s heating up fast,” Mosseri said.

Apple is already in one major battle over its in-app purchases, engaging in a legal battle with Epic Games over the company’s decision to add a separate payment option to its popular Fortnite video game.

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