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Apple Scapegoats Trump as Consumers, Investors Grumble

With Apple management failing to deliver any disruptive new products since Steve Jobs left almost 5 years ago, CEO Tim Cook is trying to play politics, shifting blame for Apple’s collapsing business model to some moral deficiency in Republican Donald Trump.

Tim Cook

Peak Apple iPhone Costs Shareholders $254 Billion

Despite announcing record quarterly sales through the end of 2015, the market valuation of Apple Inc.’s stock is down $254 billion since this summer. The company has now admitted revenue through March will be down by 10-15 percent as the iPhone sales stall.

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Apple Products: Without Steve Jobs, The Thrill is Gone  

Apple just announced that iPhone and iPad users of its upcoming iOS 9 operating system will get a disruptive new app by the name: “News.” With the Apple Watch slumping fast, Taylor Swift torpedoing Apple Music, and the “News” looking like a “wanna-be” New York Times, the first three post-Steve Jobs era products seem to indicate in the words of the immortal BB King that for Apple, “The Thrill is Gone.”

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Jeb Bush: We Can Replace Obamacare with the Apple Watch

In his latest head-scratcher moment, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush left himself wide open for a swipe from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)—never a good idea—while leaving others wondering what the heck it was he was thinking, let alone talking about.

Jeb Bush

Apple Watch: Mixed Response from First Customer Deliveries

Friday marked the beginning of the Apple Watch era, as worldwide pre-order customers received their first official deliveries. Many who ordered on the April 10th launch date expected the Watch would expand those cool little human interface experiences Apple mastered for laptops and phones. But some are complaining that this evolutionary device is just a complicated and annoying wrist-mounted iPhone notification display.

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Apple Watch Weak, But New MacBook a Winner

The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) “Spring Forward” event was poorly received by most viewers, and the stock sold off. “The Apple Watch” functionality had already been known to the market and the disappointing eighteen-hour battery life was contradicted by the product page

Tim Cook; MacBook

Apple’s Watch Will Save Thousands of Lives, But Privacy Is An Issue

Apple unveiled its highly anticipated health-tracking Watch today, along with a breakthrough initiative to vastly increase the research resources of the global medical community. With a new app, ResearchKit, millions of Apple users can now offer crucial data on their daily habits to approved medical researchers.

Tim Cook, Apple Watch (Associated Press)