Arms Smuggling

U.S. Officials Fear Russian Smugglers May Sell Uranium on Black Market

Last month, there were reports of a joint effort between Eastern European countries, especially Moldova, and the FBI to crack down on nuclear smugglers. The deadly contraband for sale in those accounts was cesium, which could be used to create dirty bombs. The authorities were somewhat skeptical about these black marketeers possessing serious nuclear bomb fuel.

AP Photo/Georgia Interior Ministry

Mexican Cartel Effort to Buy Guns in US Busted by Police

A Texas man has been charged in an ongoing Mexican cartel effort to buy guns in the U.S. The man is charged with having personally purchased at least 38 weapons for the cartel. Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives recently arrested 31-year-old Carlos Alberto Zamudio on straw purchasing charges. Straw purchasing refers to the practice of U.S citizens with a clean background purchasing weapons for people who are not able to such as convicted felons, foreign nationals, and, along the Texas border, Mexican drug cartels.

sold guns to gulf cartel