Arms Smuggling

Israel Freezes Postal Service to Gaza Over Alleged Weapons Smuggling

Israel is halting mail service to the Gaza Strip “in light of multiple attempts to smuggle banned items… used for terrorism against Israel,” Yoav Mordechai, the coordinator of government activities in occupied territories, posted on Facebook on Thursday.

hamas Gaza-Egypt border

Authorities Seize Cartel Weapons Heading North to Texas Border

Mexican authorities arrested five men who had were driving two SUV’s filled with weapons and tactical gear as they headed from a southern part of Mexico to this border city. Two of the men had forged documents that claimed they were members of the Mexican military.

matamoros shootout

EXCLUSIVE – Hamas Paying Off Islamic State to Smuggle Weapons into Gaza 

TEL AVIV – Hamas has warned Israel against provoking another violent conflict, saying the movement is ready to fight. Top Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh declared earlier this week that the movement’s military wing will “stun the whole world with its power of resistance.”


U.S. Officials Fear Russian Smugglers May Sell Uranium on Black Market

Last month, there were reports of a joint effort between Eastern European countries, especially Moldova, and the FBI to crack down on nuclear smugglers. The deadly contraband for sale in those accounts was cesium, which could be used to create dirty bombs. The authorities were somewhat skeptical about these black marketeers possessing serious nuclear bomb fuel.

AP Photo/Georgia Interior Ministry

Mexican Cartel Effort to Buy Guns in US Busted by Police

A Texas man has been charged in an ongoing Mexican cartel effort to buy guns in the U.S. The man is charged with having personally purchased at least 38 weapons for the cartel. Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives recently arrested 31-year-old Carlos Alberto Zamudio on straw purchasing charges. Straw purchasing refers to the practice of U.S citizens with a clean background purchasing weapons for people who are not able to such as convicted felons, foreign nationals, and, along the Texas border, Mexican drug cartels.

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Cartel Grenade Smugglers in Texas Ordered to Prison

A Texas border woman and a male associate received steep prison sentences for their role in an attempt to smuggle approximately 36 grenades into Mexico. The grenades were destined for the hands of waiting cartel gunmen.

Cartel hand-grenade

Alleged Gulf Cartel Arms Dealers Caught in Texas near Border

MCALLEN, Texas—Federal agents arrested two suspected Gulf Cartel arms dealers who are accused of recruiting people with the ability to legally purchase weapons on their behalf so that they can have them shipped to Mexico.

A sign warning U.S. citizens not to bring firearms into Mexico.