Iraq’s Christians Seek Autonomous Community in a Free Kurdistan

Iraq’s Assyrian Christian population is seeking to reclaim territory they have lost to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) since they overtook the region last summer and to create an autonomous region for themselves–in a free Kurdistan.


Obama’s Failure to Recognize Armenian Genocide Abandons Modern Middle East Christians

On April 24, 1915 the Ottoman Turkish leaders ordered the arrest of hundreds of notable Armenians in Istanbul and launched the systematic annihilation of Armenian as well as Assyrian Christians within the empire’s borders and throughout the Middle East. This day would become known as “Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day,” and a century later is the center of a persistent geopolitical controversy.


ISIS Surrounds the Few Remaining Christian Villages in Syria

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) charged into eleven of the 35 Christian communities along the Khabur River in Syria in February targeting Tel Tamer, which at the time was protected by Christian fighters and locals determined to defeat the terrorist group. This week, the Islamic State took another shot at conquering it.


ISIS Blows Up Historic Christian Church in Syria on Easter

As Assyrian Christians were celebrating Easter Sunday, militants from the Islamic State blew up the 80-year-old church of the Virgin Mary in Tal Nasri village in the western countryside of Hasaka province, in northeastern Syria.


ISIS Releases Video of Assyrian Prisoner’s ‘Voluntary’ Conversion to Islam

Islamic State (ISIS) militias have uploaded a video showing the conversion to Islam of one of the Assyrian Christian hostages captured during the offensive carried out in the Khabour river valley last February. The video has provoked accusations of forced conversion under torture and the shameless exploitation of prisoners for propaganda.

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Assyrian Christians Fight Back, Forming Militia to Hold Off ISIS

Middle Eastern Christians who have suffered persecution at the hands of ISIS in recent months have decided not to turn the other cheek. Instead, they have formed a militia regiment and are currently engaged in fighting the Islamists across a