Embattled Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing a deepening leadership crisis after at least 10 ministers offered their resignations

Australian PM Turnbull Survives One Leadership Challenge, Immediately Faces Another

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull narrowly defeated a leadership challenge on Tuesday, only to face calls for another on Wednesday. The new vote will likely take place on Thursday and has a good chance of adding Turnbull’s name to the long list of Australian prime ministers who didn’t make it to the end of their three-year term.

All 11,000 people who live on Ambae, in the north of the Pacific archipelago, were ordered to leave after the Manaro Voui volcano rumbled to life and rained rock and ash on villages last week

China Denies Reported Plans to Build Major South Pacific Naval Base on Vanuatu

Australia’s Fairfax Media revealed on Monday that China is planning to build a permanent military base on the island of Vanuatu, which would put Chinese warships on “Australia’s doorstep.” Officials from Vanuatu disputed the claim, insisting their country will remain non-aligned.

A man lifts a young woman in his arms while an older women looks on unsympathetically in a scene from 'Gay Love' at the Lyric Theatre, London. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

No Sex for You: Lawmakers Banned from Sexual Relations with Staff

Australian government ministers have been banned from having sex with their staff after the country’s deputy leader was exposed as having an affair that left a former aide pregnant and the conservative coalition government in disarray.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari told the Chinese media in September 2016 that Australia shouldn’t interfere with China’s activities in the South China Sea, contradicting his own party’s policy. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

Australians Voice Free Speech Concerns over Laws to Prevent Chinese Political Meddling

Australia rolled out a sweeping package of laws designed to counteract espionage and foreign political influence in December, but criticism of the laws prompted a parliamentary review beginning on Tuesday. In essence, the critics fear Australia has gone too far and jeopardized free speech rights, as well as creating legal pitfalls for international institutions, including media organizations and the Catholic Church.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari told the Chinese media in September 2016 that Australia shouldn’t interfere with China’s activities in the South China Sea, contradicting his own party’s policy. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

Australian Concerns About Chinese Political Influence Reach Washington

The saga of Australian Senator Sam Dastyari, whose career has been severely damaged by allegations of improper contact with a Chinese billionaire, reached Washington, DC this week as a bipartisan U.S. commission investigated Chinese political influence around the world.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 05: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull attends a press conference at Kirribilli House on November 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. The new New Zealand Prime Minister is on a one-day visit to Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Turnbull Announces Overhaul of Australian Intelligence After Chinese Influence Scandal

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced new legislation on Tuesday designed to implement the most extensive overhaul his nation’s intelligence and espionage services have seen in decades. The move is driven by what Australia’s ABC News describes as “growing concerns within the intelligence community about the influence of Chinese Government agents and political donations.”

Labor party senator Sam Dastyari said his remarks on the South China Sea during the recent election campaign may have been misquoted by the Chinese media, or he may have misspoken. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

Australian Lawmaker Resigns over Chinese Influence-Buying Scandal

Australian Senator Sam Dastyari, a Labor Party deputy whip and committee chairman, resigned from his leadership positions on Thursday after an influence-buying scandal that stoked Australian concerns about China’s growing power in their political system.


WWI Australian Battle of Beersheba re-Enacted in Israel on Centennial

BEERSHEBA, Israel — A century to the day after Australian troops broke through Ottoman defenses in a daring World War I victory, nearly 200 horsemen — including descendants of the soldiers — paraded through streets of an Israeli city in a memorial to those killed in a battle that helped turn the tide of the war and shape the modern Middle East.