‘Multitasking’ Aussie PM Attacked for Beer, Granddaughter and Football Picture


A picture of the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cuddling his granddaughter while enjoying a beer at the football has sparked a furore Down Under.

Mr. Turnbull posted the image on his own Facebook page with the caption “Multitasking at the footy,” after a day spent with his family watching a game of Australian Rules football.

Despite receiving over 14,000 “likes”, many social media users labelled the innocent snap as “irresponsible” in the comments section and took the opportunity to bash the conservative politician.

“I find it disgusting breathing grog all over baby’s but sadly I’m not surprised by Malcolm doing it,” one wrote.

“Teach the kids to drink (alcohol) at the football at an early age. Great parenting…” another Facebook user added.

Yet another was particularly irritated, writing: “Does anyone see anything irresponsible with an adult hold(ing) a baby and juggling a beer? And when was drinking while holding a child OK?”

Another commented: “Why take a baby to a game of football? It’s not as if it is going to understand. It’s a nice photo and it’s good to see the close relationship but it does make me wonder if it’s just for the photo opportunity.”


Not all the reaction was negative. Plenty of comments happily backed Mr. turnbull and applauded him for enjoying his family while partaking of the simple delight of a beer at a sporting event.

One of Turnbull’s followers wrote, “To me it’s a nice pic of an Aussie Dad at the footy with his grandchild”, while another offered “good on him for being natural”.

Another gave this support, “Have we truly become so cymical and politically biased that we cannot see this person as a Dad, Grandfather. Why can’t we be truly Aussies in our acceptance of this photo who could be of any Grandfather holding his Grandchild.”

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