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best college basketball players

Duke Tops Kentucky With Average 5.5 Future NBA Players Per Season

Four Duke 1st Round Draft picks play Summer League with guaranteed NBA contracts bring the total to 38 Duke players in the Value Add historical database who made the NBA, and the average Duke team since 2001-02 boasted a national best 5.5 future NBA players per season.

Jayson Tatum, Chris Silva

The Mirage is False: Hart Improves Villanova Margin by up to 12

Mirage Manager Jeff Stoneback is a betting line genius, but wrong on one point in this interview with Covers, Value Add Basketball calculates there is no way the best player in college basketball (Villanova’s Josh Hart) is worth only two points a game to Villanova.

Josh Hart, Ryan Fazekas

Basketball ‘Tonya Harding’ Powers Cavs to NBA Finals

The “Tonya Harding,” dubbed so by the Atlanta Hawks radio team, who helped the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Atlanta Hawks is a former rugby player who “Americans hate,” according an Australian news outlet, and who has “got to learn,” according to the player who nailed him in the head with an elbow.

The Associated Press