Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov Posthumous Report Claims Over 200 Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

Slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s recently-released report, titled Putin. War, catalogues his country’s involvement in Ukraine. The report claims there are more than 200 Russian military personnel operating in Ukraine. Nevertheless, PayPal shut down an account that allowed people to donate funds to pay for the report’s mass printing.


Radical Chechen President Becoming Ticking Time Bomb for Putin

Analysts following what appears to be a developing political crisis in Russia suspect the growing tensions engulfing the Kremlin may be a product of the workings of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, once a loyal ally to President Vladimir Putin.


Where Is Putin? Death Rumors Flood Twitter

Russians on social media have begun circulating rumors that President Vladimir Putin is ill or dead, after Moscow postponed a meeting with Putin and the Kazakh and Belarusian presidents on March 12. Russian government spokesmen have denied all rumors, claiming Putin is doing well, but the rumors persisted after a Kazakh official also claimed Putin was ill.


Boris Nemtsov Murder Suspect Shows Signs of Torture

Russian media went into a frenzy when former Chechen policeman Zaur Dadayev confessed to the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, but now Dadayev claims authorities forced him to confess and tortured him in the process.

AFP Photo/Philipp Kireev

Putin Awards Murder Suspect, Leader Who Praised Death of Opposition Member

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he was not involved in the deaths of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko and opposition leader Boris Nemstov. However, in the span of two days, he bestowed special honors on the prime suspect in Litvinenko’s death, Andrei Lugovoi, and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who praised Nemtsov’s murderer.


Russia: Cameras ‘Turned Off’ During Nemtsov Murder

Russian authorities have reported that the cameras on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky are broken, which prevents them from identifying the person who shot opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on the streets of the Kremlin.

AP/Pavel Golovkin

San Francisco Activists March in Solidarity With Russian Opposition

Demonstrators in San Francisco stood in solidarity with Russian opposition supporters overseas on Sunday to protest the assassination of activist Boris Nemtsov–the opposition leader and staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin–as well as what dissidents call Putin’s destruction of the Russian constitution.

Ruslan Krivobok/RIA Novosti/AFP

Thousands of Russians March in Honor of Slain Opposition Leader in Moscow

An opposition march in Moscow evolved into a memorial march for opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down blocks from the Kremlin on Friday. Thousands of Russians streamed through Moscow to show Russian President Vladimir Putin they are not afraid to voice their opinions and wish for a “Russia without Putin.” Images of the march flooded social media.


Potential 2016 GOP Contender: Putin Likely Killed Russian Opposition Leader

Potential 2016 Republican presidential contender Carly Fiorina, while speaking on a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday, indicated that President Vladimir Putin is behind the murder Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. She linked Putin to Nemtsov’s

Ruslan Krivobok/RIA Novosti/AFP