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cecil rhodes

Rhodes Must Fall Agitator Boasts: I Made A White Waitress Cry…

Ntokozo Qwabe – one of the loony, entitled, Black-Lives-Matter-style race hustlers behind the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at Oxford University – has boasted on his Facebook page about reducing a white waitress to tears. I’ll let the charmer tell the story

Ntokozo Qwabe

New Oxford Chancellor: We Shouldn’t Remove Cecil Rhodes Statue

(AFP) – The chancellor of Britain’s Oxford University on Tuesday warned history should not be rewritten to meet modern notions of what is acceptable, in an apparent rebuff to a student campaign to remove a statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes.

cecil rhodes

Mud Huts v Western Civilization: Why #Rhodesmustfall Must Fail

The story so far: loony, entitled, race hustlers at Oxford University are campaigning for the removal of a statue from Oriel College of Cecil Rhodes, British imperial hero, founder of the Rhodes scholarship. Instead of standing up to these hoity-toity

Cecil Rhodes

GUARDIAN: Don’t ‘Expunge’ Cecil Rhodes From History

Sometimes dealing with the past is easy. A few months ago, the college where I am principal (Hertford, Oxford) handed back a precious 16th-century atlas to its rightful owners – the Humboldt University library in Berlin. A British soldier had

Cecil Rhodes

Oxford College To Remove ‘Racist’ Rhodes Plaque: Statue is Next

Students at Oxford University have succeeded in persuading Oriel College to remove a plaque in honour of Cecil Rhodes, an imperialist the university has deemed racist. The College has also applied to the local council for permission to remove a

The Associated Press

Lions Are People Too

Cecil, a socially-conscious king of the jungle, presumably eschewed the parched-grassland delicacies of antelope, zebra, and giraffe in favor of vegan fare. This would explain why his apostles trashed Walter Palmer’s vacation home and St. Sharon Osbourne, married to a known predator of smaller flying creatures, dubbed the hunter “Satan” and called for his head mounted to a wall. Such a beautiful creature would never stoop to the level of a beastly dentist.

Cowardly Lion

Rhodes to Ruin: How Africa is Traducing the Legacy of a Great Man

A statue of Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape Town has been removed after students launched an uncompromising campaign to have the great man expunged from history. The statue of the British businessman, mining magnate, philanthropist and politician has