AWR Hawkins: How the Second Amendment Empowers Women

She grew up shooting guns with her dad, is busy pursuing her concealed carry permit, and she’s just out of college. On this week’s Bullets, meet Morgan Sachs, an organizer with “March 4 Our Rights,” who has a few things to say about the Second Amendment and how gun ownership empowers women.

Bullets AWR Hawkins

Texas Banker: ‘Guns Welcome Sign — Best Thing I Ever Did’

Almost four and a half years ago, a small bank in a small town northwest of Houston posted a “Guns Welcome” sign on their front door. Chappell Hill Bank had been robbed five times over the years, every time, according to Bank President Edward Smith “by Yankees”. In 2010, Smith ordered the sign for the door, and things have been “different” since then.

Chapple Hill Bank Gun Welcome Sign