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Adult Baptisms Skyrocket Due To Migrant Conversions

The number of adult baptisms in the Austrian Catholic church has more than doubled over the last year. The church claims the rise is due to a huge influx of migrants from Afghanistan and Iran converting to Christianity. The Archdiocese

Austrian cardinal Christoph Schonborn attends a mass at the St Peter's basilica before the conclave on March 12, 2013 at the Vatican. Cardinals moved into the Vatican today as the suspense mounted ahead of a secret papal election with no clear frontrunner to steer the Catholic world through troubled waters …

Niece Of Arafat Advisor Loves Israel So Much She Tattooed It

TEL AVIV – The niece of a senior official in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party and a close confidant of the late leader Yasser Arafat said she loves the State of Israel so much she had the word “Israel” in Hebrew tattooed on her shoulder.

Sandra Solomon Palestinian Muslim Convert to Christianity (YoutTube screenshot)

Evangelical Christians Try to Convert Migrants in Asylum Homes

While the Catholic and Lutheran churches have banned attempts to convert migrants, evangelicals hope to bring Muslims in asylum homes to the Christian faith. Jürgen Grau is an evangelical Christian going against the conventional churches who ban their members from


40,000 Christians Persecuted By Muslims In Germany

A new study shows that potentially thousands of Christians have been attacked and harassed in German migrant homes by Muslim guards and fellow migrants. Multiple human rights organizations are warning the German government of the conditions that Christians in asylum homes are


80 Migrants Convert to Christianity in Mass Baptism

At least 80 migrants in Hamburg have converted to Christianity from Islam in a mass baptism, but some question their motives. In German Father’s Day is celebrated every year, not on the same date but rather on the Thursday 40


Iran Arrests, Beats Christian Convert Before Christmas Eve

The latest news from that most trustworthy of nuclear partners, Iran, has secret police thugs beating a Christian convert and dragging him off into the snow, while his family unsuccessfully pleaded to at least give him some warm clothing.


Iranian Converts to Christianity In Migrant Camp, Beaten Unconscious With Baton By Afghan

An Iranian economic migrant in Hamburg, Germany might just have become a genuine refugee after converting to Christianity. The Iranian national, 24, was left “seriously injured” after being set upon by an Afghan migrant on Sunday in a refugee camp in Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Die Welt reports. Police said the man was beaten with a telescopic baton, with the Afghan responsible declaring that conversion was a “sin.”

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