Chuck Lovell

Portland Plans to Combat Crime with Unarmed Park Rangers

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reportedly backed down from his request the police bureau be given $2 million in emergency funds and instead voted with city commissioners to spend $6 million on grants to community groups and also hire 24 park rangers.

PORTLAND, OR - JULY 22: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reacts after being exposed to tear gas

Portland Police ‘Aware of Weapons Stockpile’ in Expanding Autonomous Zone

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said his department is aware of a “stockpile of weapons” and “the presence of firearms” in a growing autonomous zone. A group of anti-eviction protesters set up the zone to stop the lawful eviction of the occupants of what has become known as “the Red House on Mississippi.”

PORTLAND, OR - DECEMBER 09: Protesters walk through an area near the Red House on Mississi