"Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed

Time’s Up for ‘Clock Boy’ in New Court Ruling

Time is up for “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, according to a new court ruling. The Texas teen was made famous for bringing a homemade digital clock-in-a-box to school where it was mistaken for a “hoax bomb.”

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‘Clock Boy’ Dad Vows to Appeal Tossed Case

Even though a Texas district judge threw out a defamation lawsuit filed by “Clock Boy” dad Mohamed Mohamed, the family patriarch vows to appeal the case, according to his attorney.


Texas School Moves to Toss ‘Clock Boy’ Discrimination Lawsuit

The attorneys for the Irving Independent School District and MacArthur High School Principal Daniel Cummings filed motions in Dallas’ U.S. District Court late Tuesday seeking to dismiss the federal lawsuit filed by Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed on behalf of his son, “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed the Clock Boy

Geller: A Tale of Two Students: Ahmed the Clock Boy and Levi

Sandy High Oregon High School student Levi Frunk has been suspended and will miss playing in his homecoming football game, because of a homemade phone charger he was using in school. He was suspended and he wasn’t Muslim. Hmmmm.


Homesick ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Says He Lost the Ability to Create

“Clock Boy”Ahmed Mohamed told reporters Monday he lost the ability to create and has “no schedule” until he returns to Qatar for school. The teen was greeted by hordes of reporters upon his return to Texas on June 27, gushing over his supposed stateside summer plans.

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s Father Says The ‘New Immigrants Make America Great’

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, father of famed ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed, foisted himself back into the limelight less than 24-hours after the family’s return to Texas. In a live Facebook video interview Tuesday, the Mohamed family patriarch mused on topics like “new immigrants make America great,” Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, the clock incident, and even, what he misses most about the United States while living in Qatar.

Muslim Boy Accused Of Bringing Bomb Disguised As Clock To Texas School

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Returns: Just Couldn’t Stay Away from Texas

“Clock Boy” Ahmed returned to the United States late Monday afternoon, June 27, landing at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Breitbart Texas reported the “homesick” teenager just couldn’t stay away from Texas. Ahmed, his parents, and siblings walked into the airport terminal greeted by a crowd of family and a hoard of TV news crews.

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Culture Clash: Multiple Protests Planned for Texas Mosques

Cultures may clash or even collide in the Dallas area Saturday when pro-Islam, anti-Muslim, armed protesters, and pacifists demonstrate at two area hotbed mosques. One mosque is in Irving, former home to ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed, and the other, in Richardson.

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Claims Fears of Anti-Islam Protests Keep Him from Returning to U.S.

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed claims anti-Islam protests held in Irving, Texas, keep him from returning to the United States. In October, the teen and his family relocated to Qatar after the controversial Texas student accepted a fully-funded education scholarship from the Muslim Brotherhood associated Qatar Foundation. Ahmed insists that, although homesick in Qatar, even peaceful anti-Islam rallies held in Irving are stopping him from traveling back to the place he calls home, Texas.

Ahmed Mohamed "Clock Boy" meeting President Obama

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Homesick in Qatar, Wants to Come Back to Texas

Within days of demanding a total of $15 million from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District, “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed announced in a long distance phone interview from Qatar, he is homesick and wants to come home to Texas now.


Pro-Islamic Group Stages Counter-Protest to Support Texas Mosque

Nearly 100 demonstrators rallied in front of the Islamic Center in Irving, Texas on Saturday to counter-protest last week’s small gathering who protested armed yet peacefully in front of the mosque. This weekend’s event was positioned as a “rally of love” to support the mosque.