More Calls For Using DDT to Control the Zika Epidemic

Zika is primarily a mosquito-borne virus that is very difficult to detect in most human carriers, currently impossible to cure, spreading very rapidly, and believed to increase the risk of birth defects when contracted by pregnant women.

Reuters/Pilar Olivares

Chocolate-Covered Junk Science and Candy-Coated Validation

It’s not difficult to sell chocolate-covered junk science and candy-coated validation. The politicization of science corresponds with the gullibility of media, and it’s no coincidence, because Big Media is wrapped in an unbreakable symbiotic relationship with Big Government. They both have a deep vested interest in manufacturing crises, creating Big Problems that require Big Solutions, cooked up in political laboratories located conveniently near major media headquarters in a few power cities.

Garry Hine, left, and Gary Wychocki help move a giant chocolate bar to a scale Tuesday, Se