Emory University

U.S. University Fires Chinese Scientists for Failure to Disclose Funding Sources

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, announced over the weekend it has fired two Chinese-American faculty members, a married couple named Li Xiaojiang and Li Shihua, for failing to “fully disclose foreign sources of research funding and the extent of their work for research institutions and universities in China.”

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 01: Emory University Hospital is seen on August 1, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Officials with the hospital confirmed that Emory University Hospital will be receiving and treating two American patients diagnosed with Ebola virus. The Ebola infected patients will be transported to Emory University Hospital from …

Berkeley Student Among 20+ Murdered In Bangladesh Islamic Terror

18-year-old University of California Berkeley student Tarishi Jain was among over 20 people murdered Friday when Islamic fundamentalists shot and brutally hacked to death bakery patrons and police officers in the diplomatic district of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tarishi Jain (Facebook)