Geraldo, Bolling Get Into Heated Battle: ‘I Would Knock You Out’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” things got emotional over Donald Trump between show panelists Geraldo Rivera, Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters. [Relevant material at the 11:46 time mark] Watters referred to President Barack Obama as a “skinny committee organizer,” which


Watch: Perino, Bolling in Shouting Match Over Trump

Wednesday on Fox New Channel’s “The Five,” co-hosts Dana Perino and Eric Bolling had a heated debate over whether Bolling has been defending Donald Trump because he wants to be on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Bolling defended Trump by saying, “You may

Wednesday on Fox New Channel's "The Five," co-hosts Dana Perino …

Watch: Eric Bolling Remembers Andrew Breitbart

Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling paid tribute to Andrew Breitbart on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Bolling said, “three years ago yesterday, the conservative voice lost a huge, huge personality, Andrew Breitbart died at 43 years — way too young,


Peter Schweizer: Congress Using Tax Code to Milk Industries

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity with guest-host Eric Bolling, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer said Washington’s politicians are finding more creative ways to use the tax code to milk various industries to their benefit. 

Peter Schweizer: Congress Using Tax Code to Milk Industries

Greenwald: Obama Targeting Snowden to Intimidate Whistleblowers

Glenn Greenwald made an appearance on Fox News this morning, promising more leaks and accusing the Obama administration of targeting Snowden to intimidate whistleblowers within his administration. Interviewed by Eric Bolling, Greenwald said:  What the Obama administration wants…is to make

Palin: Abolish the IRS

On Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that the IRS-and much of the federal bureaucracy-needs to be abolished. Appearing on Fox News’ “Cashin In” with Eric Bolling, Palin said that she agreed with Tea Partiers who want to abolish the

Palin: Abolish the IRS

NSA Leaker's Father Speaks Out

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends” Eric Bolling previewed clips from his interview with NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s father, Lonnie Snowden…

NSA Leaker's Father Speaks Out