Pope Francis describes child abuse by priests as "monstruous"

Pope Francis Stonewalls Journalists to Duck Questions on Sex Abuse

Pope Francis masterfully controlled the press briefing aboard the papal plane Tuesday in such a way as to make sure that he did not have to face embarrassing questions about how he handled the case of serial abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Photo by Amos BenGershom / Government Press Office

Netanyahu Visits Lithuania, First Israeli PM Ever

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive Thursday in Lithuania for a four-day visit during which he will also meet his Latvian and Estonian counterparts, local officials and the Jewish community.

NATO Holds Noble Jump Exercises Of VJTF Forces

Russian Hackers Target NATO Smartphones in Eastern Europe

NATO troops stationed near the Russian border have reported that Russian hackers are targeting their smartphones to “gain operational information, gauge troop strength, and intimidate soldiers,” the Wall Street Journal said in a report Wednesday.

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VP Pence in Estonia: Attack On One NATO Ally is Attack On All

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday strongly pledged America’s commitment to protecting NATO allies against attacks, including the Baltic states, which have anxiously watched a growing Russian military presence in the region.


British Tanks Join NATO Battle Group in Estonia

TALLINN (AFP) – British army equipment including tanks and self-propelled guns on Wednesday arrived by boat in Estonia, part of a NATO move to reinforce its eastern flank to deter a militarily resurgent Russia, according to Estonia’s defence forces.


Pro-Russian Leader Nominated as Estonia’s Next PM

TALLINN, (Reuters) – Estonia’s president has nominated Juri Ratas, the new leader of a centre-left, traditionally pro-Russian party, as prime minister who promised to leave foreign policy unchanged in a region worried about possible Russian aggression. Concerns in the Baltics and wider


Estonia To Take EU Presidency From Britain

(AFP) – Estonia is set to take over the rotating EU presidency from Britain in late 2017 after London pulled out to focus on negotiations to leave the bloc, officials said Wednesday. In the first major step towards Brexit after

Deployment of British Forces

NATO Risks Russia Run-In After Deployment Of British Forces To Baltic

Britain’s Defence Secretary has announced another deployment of British forces to Eastern Europe in a move that is sure to further sour relations between Russia and her Western neighbours. Although the deployment is small – 100 men deployed between Poland,


Baltic Nations Demand UN Security Council Act Against Russia

The Baltic nations used their platforms at the UN Security Council to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the past 20 months, Russia has threatened the three former Soviet republics repeatedly, which has forced the governments to amp up security.

AP Photo/Liis Treimann

Estonia to Build Fence on Russian Border

Estonia announced plans to build a fence on their border with Russia for extra protection. In the past year, the former Soviet republic often voiced fears they might be Russia’s next target after the Kremlin targeted Ukraine.

Greece asks U.S. to continue sustainment support for its F-16s

3 Baltic Nations Request Permanent NATO Troop Presence

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — The three Baltic countries — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — are asking NATO to permanently deploy ground troops to their nations as a deterrent against an increasingly assertive Russia. The countries’ defense chiefs requested a brigade-size

AP/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service

Russia Threatens Nuclear Response if West Targets Crimea

A report surfacing after Russia’s celebration of the one-year annexation of Crimea claims Russian officials warned that any Western attempt to reclaim Crimea “would trigger a Russian response, possibly involving nuclear force.”

AP/Sergei Chuzavkov

U.S. Senators Urge Obama to Arm Ukraine Against Russia

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is leading a group of senators pressuring the White House to send weapons to the Ukrainian army. The war between Ukraine and Russia has killed over 5,000 Ukrainians since the war started in April 2014.