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EU Plots To Starve Eurosceptic Parties Of Funding

Senior MEPs are plotting to change the European Parliament’s rules to starve Eurosceptic parties of European Union (EU) money. Along with changing the rules so that smaller parties will no longer receive cash, they also propose funding only groups which

European People's Party

German Government Blocks Greek Bailout in Fear of Populist AfD Party

The German government is blocking a Greek bailout in fear of being democratically replaced by the populist, Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party. In “AfD is the major hurdle in the Greek bailout”, Die Welt’s deputy economics editor, Jan Dams, has


‘Germany’s Farage’ Becomes Leader Of Eurosceptic Alternative For Germany Party

Frauke Petry was yesterday elected undisputed leader of Germany’s eurosceptic party, Alternative for Germany (AfD). Winning 68 per cent of the vote of 3,500 members present at the AfD extraordinary congress in Essen she replaces the AfD co-founder and frontman, economics professor Bernd Lucke, signalling


Austria Next? EU Exit Petition Hits 100,000 Threshold

In a sign that eurosceptic sentiment is spreading across the Continent, it has been announced that 261,159 Austrians beat the 1 July deadline to sign a petition supporting a referendum on whether Austria should leave the EU. This means the threshold of 100,000


‘Germany’s Farage’ Attacked In Restaurant

In a scene that is all too familiar to senior UKIP officials, German politician Frauke Petry, one of the joint-leading spokespeople for the eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD), was attacked by masked opponents while dining in a restaurant in Göttingen, Lower Saxony,