Executive Actions

ICE Official Cites Executive Actions as Reason for Plummeting Deportations

Deportations are down because of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, because of sanctuary cities and because local authorities are refusing to honor federal immigration “detainer” requests, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official testified Thursday.


Center for Immigration Studies Unveils 79 Pro-Enforcement Executive Actions for Next President

Democrats, immigration activists, and business leaders cheered President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. However, as quickly as Obama moved to block millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, a future president could not only revoke Obama’s orders but also implement dozens of pro-immigration enforcement actions that would make former executive amnesty cheerleaders grimace.

Immigration Enforcement Nick Oza The Arizona Republic via AP

Displaced Southern California Edison Workers Sue Obama Admin. Over Unilateral Visa Rule

Former Southern California Edison employees are suing the Obama administration over its H-4 visa rule that grants work permits to certain spouses of H-1B visa holders. They say the action negatively impacts the SCE workers because not only does it benefit their direct H-1B visa competitors but it also increases the labor pool with new H-4 visa holders.

Southern California Edison

Obama Hits Road Ahead of State of the Union Address

As President Obama returns briefly to Washington from vacation, he prepares for a campaign-like swing through three states to promote his upcoming State of the Union address. Obama will hit Michigan, Arizona and Tennessee with a focus on economic issues.

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