Delingpole: No, Cute Puffins Are Not About to Go Extinct Because Climate Change

The great thing about puffin stories is that they give you the perfect excuse to run a jolly picture of a puffin at the top. Everyone loves puffins, some – if you’re Icelandic – because they’re a tasty delicacy, others because, with their distinctive stripy beaks they look so attractive and charming and cute.

In this Aug. 1, 2014, file photo, Atlantic puffins congregate near their burrows on Eastern Egg Rock, a small island off the coast of Maine. The Audubon Society said 2017 was a great year for puffin reproduction. It's a rare bit of good news for the birds who have struggled …

Poachers Hunt Small Vaquita Porpoise to near-Extinction

The imminent extinction of the vaquitas, AKA the “Gulf of California porpoise” or “Cochito,” the smallest known cetacean, is due to poachers hunting another endangered fish, the totoaba, according to ABC 10 San Diego.

Vaquita (Wikimedia Commons)

Mankind About to Die, Say People Who are Always Wrong About Everything

Here we have the alarmists taking it up a notch, and the Daily Mail reporting their prophecies of doom without informing readers of a very salient point right up front: the lead “scientist” is a hysteric who has never been right about anything, after decades of peddling apocalyptic environmental prophecies.