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Elián González: ‘If I Studied Religion, My God Would Be Fidel’

Elián González, the Cuban government mouthpiece kidnapped from his Florida relatives’ home by the Clinton administration in 2000, has resurfaced in a CNN documentary asserting his atheism, but suggesting that if he had to worship anything, it would be Fidel Castro.

Elian Gonzalez, shown here last year at events marking the death of former revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, hopes to reconcile with his Miami relatives and to visit the US one day. He was at the center of a custody battle that made international headlines

Turkey Opens ‘Fidel Castro Park’ in Capital

The government of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, inaugurated a park honoring late dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro on the occasion of what would have been his 91st birthday, August 13.

Cubans pay their respects to late revolutionary leader Fidel Castro during a ceremony in Santiago, on December 3, 2016

State Department Report Highlights Repression of Christians in Cuba

The U.S. State Department has revealed persistent persecution of Christians in Cuba in its 2016 religious freedom report released Tuesday, highlighting actions to suppress Christian dissident group the Ladies in White in particular and the use of state bureaucracy to prevent the spread of the faith.

Members of the 'Ladies in White' dissident group march in Havana, March 20, 2016. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

In Cuba, Police Rely on Prostitution Bribes for a Living Wage

The Communist Party of Cuba has long promoted itself as a champion of Marxist puritanism, condemning social deviants to concentration camps and heavily censoring music and film. Naturally, the government denies the pervasiveness of sexual tourism on the island.

Sex worker in Havana, Cuba, on 1st January 2016. The night is still their best ally. They are seen in nightclubs, streets and other places, although they almost always end their journey in private houses where foreign tourists who arrive on the Caribbean island are staying. The jineteras, as it …

Dem Rep Cohen: Trump Has Similar ‘Personality Traits’ To Fidel Castro

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated that President-Elect Donald Trump and Fidel Castro have similar “personality traits,” and Trump doesn’t understand “the tripartite system of government we have, in a Congress under Article I as


Cuba on Track for 10,000 Politically-Motivated Arrests by End of Year

President Barack Obama’s “normalization” policy towards dictator Raúl Castro and death of the latter’s elder brother Fidel have put Cuba on the road to tallying over 10,000 politically-motivated arrests in 2016, according to an NGO tracking human rights violations on the island.

A member of the Ladies in White Human Rights organization is arrested during a march on March 20, 2016 in Havana. Dissidents called on the eve of the visit for US President Barack Obama to promote 'radical change,' notably a 'stop to repression and use of physical violence against all …

GLAZOV: Why the Left Cried When Fidel Died

The death of Fidel Castro has driven a stake into the heart of the Left, causing progressives worldwide to weep and moan at the loss of their secular deity. While North Korea and Raúl Castro have enforced days of mandatory mourning, leftists in the free world are beating their breasts and wailing with a voluntary and committed passion.

MONTREAL, CANADA: Cuban President Fidel Castro (C) embraces Justin Trudeau (R), the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, after arriving at the Notre Dame Basilica for Trudeau's state funeral 03 October 2000. Trudeau, who was considered to be one of Canada's most charismatic prime ministers, died of prostate …