Foreign Aid Waste

foreign aid

UK Foreign Aid Spent on Five-Star Hotels and Chinese Restaurants

The UK’s massive foreign aid budget is helping to fund middle-class luxuries in booming economise, including Pakistan’s version of Amazon, Chinese restaurant chains, online gambling websites, five-star hotels and luxury shopping malls.

foreign aid

Britain Will Spend More On Foreign Aid Than Local Government Next Year

Spending on foreign aid will outstrip the amount of money given to local councils in the UK for the first time next year, according to official government estimates. The Treasury’s Budget book shows that spending on international development will hit

foreign aid

EU ‘Misusing British Aid Money’

MPs have uncovered massive waste in the EU’s aid spending programmes, to which the UK is a major contributor. Thanks to a culture within the European Commission which deems a project a success only when the full budget has been

foreign aid

Former Chancellor Condemns ‘Gold Plating’ Foreign Aid Budget

The Former Chancellor Lord Lawson has spoken out against plans to tie future governments to spending commitments on foreign aid. The Tory grandee said proposals to make all future administrations ‘gold plate’ Britain’s annual foreign aid budget would not help