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Single Terror Suspect Out Of Over 2,000 Subject to Curfew Order

Just one person in Britain is currently subject to a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure (T-Pim) order, despite the high level security alert in place country-wide, and despite over 2,000 suspects being known to the authorities.


French Don’t Trust Their Government On Response To Terrorism

Two thirds of French people do not trust the president or government on terrorism, with half believing that France is at war, and the majority wanting more “effective” responses to terrorism including an increase in military and policing personnel, harsher prison sentences, and greater surveillance and policing powers.

Disneyland Paris

Man Arrested with Handguns And Quran in Suitcase At Disneyland Paris

French police have arrested a man at the Disneyland Paris theme park after he was found with two two low-calibre handguns and a Quran hidden inside a suitcase. An Interior Ministry official said the 28-year-old man was stopped by security staff entering a