Frank Sinatra

Charles Manson Unleashed a Nightmare After Showbiz Crushed His Dream

The Manson Family appropriately laid roots, for much of its short existence, at the Spahn Movie Ranch, a fading, set popular in an older, black-and-white, cowboy-crazy Hollywood but used for horse rides and an occasional shoot (a Bonanza here, a softcore porn movie there) as Westerns waned in the public imagination.

Charles Manson Playing Guitar 1982

For Frank Sinatra, Jr.

When a celebrity passes, it feels a part of you has been lost. The collective consciousness we all share when it comes to the death of a public figure is compounded by that celebrity’s fame and effect on the world.

Frank Sinatra Jr. (Associated Press)

Frank Sinatra at 100: The Voice’s 11 Greatest Songs

Presented in no particular order are, in my humble opinion, Frank Sinatra’s 11 greatest songs. Although I love the Capitol-era, especially the concept albums, nothing topped pushing-50, post-Ava Gardner, Reprise-era Sinatra. My tribute to “Summer Wind” is here.   Once


Davi to Honor Sinatra’s 100th Birthday

On Saturday, May 9, veteran actor, singer, and Breitbart contributor Robert Davi, will be playing a very special concert at the historic Avalon in Hollywood to mark the 100th birthday of America’s greatest perfomer: Frank Sinatra. Davi will be accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra as well as many special guests.