John Podesta: Hillary Clinton Regrets Using Private Email Server

private email server

As Frank Sinatra would say, “Regrets. She’s had a few…”

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said Wednesday that Clinton regrets using a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Facing an onslaught of critical questions, even from self-identified supporters, while addressing a senior center in Columbia, South Carolina, Podesta briefly answered a question about the email scandal.

“Wouldn’t you?” Podesta replied to someone asking if Clinton regretted using the server.

Podesta also promised to respond to the negative publicity surrounding the Clinton campaign by activating more of the Clinton camp’s surrogates.

“We’re going to get more voices out there,” Podesta said.

Clinton has turned over her private emails and email server to Department of Justice and FBI investigators. The State Department has already identified more than 300 emails that could have potentially contained classified information. It is unclear whether any foreign agents were able to steal the classified information on Clinton’s private server.

This is not the first time that Podesta has expressed concern about the Clinton campaign. He was recently caught talking on a cell phone in a liquor store, stating his fear that Jeb Bush was going to out-fundraise Clinton.


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