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Telegraph: Obesity A Threat ‘Like Terrorism’

Media hysteria in the UK is normally the province of the tabloid papers and The Guardian, but now The Telegraph has got in on the act. It has taken a report ranking obesity as a major crisis and, in a

AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Police Lead Gay Pride March While Investigating “Homophobic” Leaflets

Kent Police are investigating the provenance of leaflets distributed throughout Margate calling on residents not to support the town’s gay pride event. “Margate will never be MarGAYte”, the leaflets proclaimed. However, officers from the same force led the parade, driving


Schools To Have Dedicated ‘LGBT Awareness’ Classes in Sweden

The Swedish capital city, Stockholm, has earmarked eight million kronor (£617,091) to fund specific and dedicated “LGBTQ” lessons in primary and secondary schools. The lessons will “promote and broaden the acceptance” of LGBT issues among children. The initiative has been