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Governor ‘Big Oil Brown’ Jets Off to Paris Climate Summit

With a whistle-blower leveraging the scandal regarding use of state staff to apparently evaluate geological data for the profitability of “fracking” on his private land, California Governor “Big Oil Brown” is headed for the limelight at the Paris climate change summit.

Jerry B. AP

UN Weather Worriers Descend On Paris To Talk, Compare Air Miles

With just four months to go until the next major UN climate summit descends on Paris, international delegates are doing what they do best;  flying around the world and talking about how they can stop other people doing the same thing. Foreign

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13 States Have Already Adopted ‘Green’ Common Core Science Standards That Indoctrinate on Climate Change

Released in April of 2013, the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS) have already been officially adopted by 13 states and Washington, D.C. Their promoters claim they are another “state-led” endeavor, “managed by Achieve,” the same progressive nonprofit that was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and promote the Common Core standards.

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