GOP Primary Debates

Rick Perry’s Trump Card Fizzles

When the Republican candidates take stage in Cleveland for the first presidential debate, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will likely be watching from his hotel room somewhere. The candidate who briefly dominated polling in the 2012 contest and began this campaign in the middle of the pack, looks to settle in 11th or 12th place when the debate cut-off is set.

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GOP Elites Plot to Bar Frontrunner Trump From Debate

As if we need more proof of how tone deaf and self-destructive GOP elites can be towards their most reliable voters, the New York Times reports that at a weekend meeting of the Republican Governors Association there was an attempt


Rick Perry Loves His Wife, the Tenth Amendment, & Criminal Justice Reform

In Part III of our exclusive interview with Rick Perry, he shares his thoughts about Texas’ successful criminal justice reforms, his philosophy on the Tenth Amendment and how he would encourage more innovation and freedom for the states, and the special role his wife Anita will play in his campaign.

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