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Residente Legal de USA Detenido Traficando Armas Para Cartel

Autoridades federales mexicanas arrestaron a un residente legal permanente de Carolina del Norte luego de encontrar un cargamento de que habían sido armas escondidas dentro del vehículo que conducía. Se reveló que el hombre entregaría las armas a grupos del crimen organizado en el estado mexicano de Guerrero.

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U.S. Legal Resident Caught Smuggling Guns for Cartel Inside Mexico

Mexican federal authorities arrested a U.S. legal permanent resident who lived in North Carolina after finding a cache of weapons stashed inside his vehicle. Officials said the man was expected to deliver the guns in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

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Illegal Alien, Texan Imprisoned for Cartel Gun Buying Scheme

LAREDO, Texas — A female illegal alien and a Texas man have been sent to prison for their confessed role in a complex gun straw purchasing and smuggling scheme for the Los Zetas cartel. The operation is believed to have successfully moved at least 25 weapons into Mexico.