Exclusive: Dolph Ziggler Talks WWE, Comedy Tour, Politics, Browns

The man they call “The Showoff” is trying his hand in show biz. WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler, known for taking down his opponents, is now doing stand-up. Just like he approaches his work in the ring, Ziggler is taking this challenge very seriously.

Dolph Ziggler

Texas Christian College Frowns on Students Working at Hooters

A new Hooters restaurant is coming to a West Texas city, but one local Christian university frowns on its female students working at the chain known for scantily clad waitresses, chicken wings, and the slogan “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.”

Women wearing the Hooters Restaurant waitress uniform

Today Producer Suspends Billy Bush Despite Own Past Sexual Comments

Noah Oppenheim, executive producer of NBC’s Today show, suspended Billy Bush from the program on Sunday for his involvement in a sexually explicit conversation with Donald Trump eleven years ago. However, by that standard, perhaps Oppenheim should suspend himself.

Noah Oppenheim (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty)

Tallywackers: an All-Male Version of Hooters to Open in Texas

Since 1983, the Hooters restaurant chain has divided communities and patrons by selling its unique brand of all-American food and eye-catching sex appeal. In 2005, Twin Peaks came along and offered a similar format, but with better-built entrees, served by equally well-built young ladies.