Abilene Christian University Says Students Who Dine at Hooters Could Be Punished

Women wearing the Hooters Restaurant waitress uniform

Abilene Christian University has instituted a policy which could result in disciplinary measures against any student who works or even dines at Hooters.

The school, which is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, vaguely suggested that students who work or dine at an upcoming Hooters location near campus could be punished under student handbook guidelines. When asked if a female student could be expelled for donning Hooter’s orange and white uniform at the new location, a spokesperson for the university said that “all situations would be handled case-by-case.”

A similarly vague approach would be taken with regards to handling male students who choose to dine at Hooters.

“If a student was in a position where the university felt they were not upholding the standards in the handbook, we’d address those issues with that student at that time,” Dr. Chris Riley, the vice president for student life at Abilene Christian said in a comment to the school newspaper.

“As Jesus followers, I think we have to consider what Hooters reflects about how we value others,” said Riley in a comment, “and whether we see them as more than ‘products’ to be sold.”

Riley went on to cite a 2004 district court case that ruled that Hooters primary business purpose is to provide “sexual recreation.” “Hooters has admitted that the Hooters Girl’s predominant function is to provide vicarious sexual recreation, to titillate, entice, and arouse male customers’ fantasies. She is the very essence of Hooters’ business,” the judge wrote.

According to the student newspaper report, Dean of Students Mark Lewis says that are still considering how the student handbook guidelines will apply to students who choose to dine at the new Hooters location.

In 2016, the Boy Scouts of America took fire after a local Hooters restaurant sponsored a summer camp. According to Breitbart News’ Warner Todd Huston, “One Denver mom was shocked when she brought her 7-year-old son to the day camp only to find women running around in Hooters garb.”



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