Tallywackers: an All-Male Version of Hooters to Open in Texas


Since 1983, the Hooters restaurant chain has divided communities and patrons by selling its unique brand of all-American food and eye-catching sex appeal. In 2005, Twin Peaks came along and offered a similar format, but with better-built entrees, served by equally well-built young ladies.

Criticism that the chains (and others like them) are sexist has been heavy, but depending on whom you ask, “breastaurants” are good business, and are no-doubt a haven for men and boys.

Now, some lunch and dinner detractors in the Dallas, TX area, who might have complained of a lack of suitable sexy dining alternatives for those attracted to the opposite sex before, have an alternative: Tallywackers, an all-male version of the breastaurant.

Yes, those who have been hungering for a male version of Hooters will soon find their wait is over.

While featuring no chicken wings de-boned by smiling young women, Tallywackers looks to become a refuge for anyone looking to enjoy a hamburger with a side of male anatomy.

According to an ad on Craigslist, Tallywackers is now hiring a male only staff for the restaurant’s upcoming grand opening.

One reviewer on the company’s Facebook page wrote: “I think it would be great. Why should it be okay for men to have everything but if a woman has or does the same its inappropriate? Well its about time!”

A male poster said, “It will be nice to finally, eat at a restaurant where I don’t have to worry about being kicked out for being gay and I can enjoy food as well as look at the attractive guys that serve the food. A+ for being not only being inclusive but building it in the gayborhood.”

One woman simply wrote: “hmmmmm.. I may consider moving to Dallas..”

Tallywackers is aiming for a May opening, and looks to be serving burgers and “guy candy” before Mother’s Day.


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