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Illegal Immigrant Brags About Getting Free Ride to UT

A student who is an illegal immigrant has received a great deal of pushback for bragging about getting an all tuition paid free ride to the University of Texas. She not only took to Twitter to blow her own horn about her self-accessed “nice legs” and her “13 cords/medals,” “4.5GPA” and Valedictorian status at Crockett High School, she also had to add, “oh and I’m undocumented.”

Mayte Lara

‘Freedom University’ Offers Courses, Scholarship Assistance to Illegals In Georgia

The state of Georgia does not offer in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants and largely prevents them from gaining admission to the state’s best public universities, but one organization is touting it’s work-around effort.

The organization, “Freedom University” Georgia, calls itself a “modern-day freedom school” that offers “college level classes,” college application assistance, and scholarship help for illegal immigrants in Georgia.

Freedom University Georgia CNN