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2 Houston Teachers Accused of Molesting Young Students

Teacher sexual misconduct continues to impact Texas schools. In Houston, officials charged a kindergarten teacher with molesting a five-year-old girl. Nearby, police continue to investigate accusations that a substitute teacher kissed and improperly touched first graders at another elementary school.

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Texas Teacher Sexual Misconduct Cases Hit All-Time High

For the eighth consecutive year, Texas educator-student sexual misconduct cases soared, hitting an all time high of 222 investigations opened by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in the 2015-16 school year. However, one education expert says this reflects deeper societal issues and he spoke with Breitbart Texas about some of the ways to curb the rampant problem.

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Texas Teacher Impregnated by Student Busted for Curfew Violation

The 24-year-old Texas teacher best known for allegedly getting pregnant by her 13-year-old student was back in court Wednesday for violating a condition of her bond agreement. Prosecutors pointed out it was not her first violation and asked the judge to revoke her bond. Instead, he decided to allow her to remain free on a so-called “zero tolerance” policy.


Texas Teacher Accused of Impregnating 15-Year-Old Student

A North Texas teacher, accused of impregnating his 15-year-old student, surrendered to authorities Friday. This marks another improper teacher-student relationship that resulted in pregnancy recently amid the state’s skyrocketing number of sexual misconduct cases filed this year.

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More Texas Teachers Charged on Sexual Misconduct with Students

The number of Texas teachers charged with sexual misconduct continues to escalate even while school is out for summer vacation. June brought more allegations of educators engaging in this disturbing behavior that violates the trust placed in them to protect the state’s school children.

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No Bail for Texas Teacher Accused of Child Porn

A federal judge ordered a seventh grade Texas teacher charged with the receipt, distribution, and possession of child pornography to remain in custody without bail while he awaits his trial next month amid details emerging about the suspect’s criminal history.

A staff member of the Criminal Investigation Bureau checks screen captures of child pornography websites after a press conference in Taipei on August 29, 2013. Dozens of local suspects will face prosecution for their alleged role in a nortorious international child pornography ring, in the island's biggest ever police crackdown …

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Continue to Plague Texas Educators

The troubling trend of sexual misconduct with underage students or similar improper activities with minors continues to plague Texas educators in a month filled with allegations, accusations, charges, and plea deals from around the state. This has caused further eroding of the trust parents place in public schools to protect their children.


Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Texas Teacher Dismissed

The Collin County District Attorney’s Office dismissed felony charges against a Texas high school teacher accused of sexual misconduct with an underage female student after a grand jury failed to return an indictment. Even though jurors decided not to indict on Friday, March 18, the former government and economics teacher will likely never teach again.

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Texas Teacher Sexual Misconduct Allegations Continue into February

February signals the mid-point of the school year and, in Texas, that halfway mark is marred by allegations of teachers who allegedly cross the line and engage in sexual misconduct with underage students, violating the trust placed in them to protect the state’s public school children.

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Texas Gets a ‘B’ in USA Today’s Teacher Misconduct Tracking Probe

Texas scored a grade of “B” in USA Today’s year-long investigation exposing how states fared in tracking teacher misconduct. The states were graded on conducting teacher background checks, maintaining discipline tracking systems, and sharing information to prevent problematic educators from returning to classrooms if they crossed state lines.

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Texas Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexual Misconduct Charge, Sues Student’s Mother for Defamation

Former Texas teacher Tanya Ramirez, 31, pleaded guilty to the second degree felony charge of having an improper relationship with a student in exchange for seven years of probation. Ramirez then turned around and filed a defamation lawsuit against the mother of the student with whom she admitted to the purported sexual misconduct. Ramirez may even sue the student for invasion of privacy.

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