Apple Touch ID Access at High Risk of Criminal Intruders

Although Apple claims its fingerprint scanner is 5 times more secure than a typical 4-digit passcode, security researchers claim they have developed a set of fake MasterPrints that demonstrate criminal intruders could access 65 percent of fingerprint scanners.

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FBI: Hillary Clinton Checked Email on Public State Dept. Balcony

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that she was not allowed to use mobile devices in her office — so she would walk onto the 8th floor balcony of the State Department building to check her email messages, new FBI documents reveal.

State Department 8th floor balcony (Thomas V. Dembski)

Apple Scapegoats Trump as Consumers, Investors Grumble

With Apple management failing to deliver any disruptive new products since Steve Jobs left almost 5 years ago, CEO Tim Cook is trying to play politics, shifting blame for Apple’s collapsing business model to some moral deficiency in Republican Donald Trump.

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Obama Lies About Intelligence Briefings in Speech to Nation

President Barack Obama tried to reassure the American people from the Oval Office on Sunday evening that he takes the threat of terrorism seriously: “For seven years, I’ve confronted this evolving threat each morning in my intelligence briefing.” However, as the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) has shown, Obama skips more than half of his daily intelligence briefings.

Obama Terror Speech (Saul Loeb / Pool Photo via Associated Press)

Apple’s Billion-Dollar Patent Loss Will Bring More Lawsuits

Apple Inc.’s near-billion-dollar loss Tuesday for violating a University of Wisconsin patent from 1998 that improves processor performance in all of its iPhone and iPad products will encourage more universities to sue tech companies.

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Apple Hosts Huge Media Snooze Festival

Apple Inc. threw a party and shareholders got a headache Wednesday when the company introduced a slew of only slightly better stuff.

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Apple Goes Middle-Aged with Bad Fashion and Live Slip-Ups

The new iPad is 12.5 inches and can go for 10 hours. But that’s about the only virile thing about Apple these days, which is sliding into middle-age with some admittedly impressive products but none of the cool factor for which it became globally admired under Steve Jobs.


LAUSD iPad Debacle Prompts Likely Lawsuit Against Apple

Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education announced Monday that it is exploring possible litigation against technology giant Apple and software developer Pearson for their role in the failed iPad launch designed to put a computer on the desk of 650,000 students in the district.

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