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ISIS Recruitment

600 British Jihadists Stopped From Entering Syria

(AFP) – Some 600 Britons have been stopped from going to Syria to try to join Islamic State and other jihadist groups, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in comments reported Saturday. Meanwhile some 800 have made it through since 2012,

British Jihadists

Female ISIS Recruiting Cell Uncovered in the Heart Of London

A cell of ISIS-supporting women has been uncovered operating in London, meeting in tax payer funded buildings and recruiting young women into the terrorist group. The women were filmed by Channel 4 claiming that the British were at war with Muslims, that

Female ISIS

Facebook Hesitates, Then Removes Islamic State Page for Violating Community Standards

The big social media services have been generally aggressive about purging ISIS content—if sometimes unable to keep up with the sheer volume of it. One example is the “Khilafah News” page on Facebook. The social media giant initially hesitated to take it down, but upon review, concluded that it does violate their community standards.

The Associated Press

Former UK Counterterror Chief: Give ISIS Fans Charter Flights to Syria

The former head of British counterterrorism suggested this week that the best way to deal with ISIS sympathizers in the UK might be to let them have their wish and travel to the Islamic State, surrendering their passports on the way out. Former Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Robert Quick even recommended providing expatriates with charter flights to get rid of them more efficiently.

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Homeland Security Chairman Warns of Potential July 4th Terror Threats in US

Americans were once again given a stern and ominous warning to stay “vigilant” to the threat of terrorist attacks leading up to July Fourth festivities. This warning comes after the recent radical Islamic terrorist attacks overseas in Kuwait, France, and Tunisia were carried out, as well as continued Islamist threats against the U.S.

REUTERS/Paul Hackett

ISIS Dumps 40,000 Tweets a Day on France

The French government has released some stunning figures to illustrate the intensity of ISIS recruiting efforts in their country. There are at least 2,600 websites in French, run by the terror state and its supporters, and they generate over 40,000 Twitter messages per day, reaching some 2.8 million followers.


Australia Considers Sending More Troops to Iraq

AAP reports that Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said her government would consider sending more troops to help battle ISIS in Iraq, but the Iraqis have been oddly slow to request assistance, even as the Islamic State overruns cities and begins lining up an attack on Baghdad.