NFL Players Chief Hits Back Over Anthem Protests

Los Angeles (AFP) – National Football League Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith hit back on Monday after fresh criticism of athletes who kneel or sit during the playing of the US national anthem.

AP Tim Ireland

NFLPA Fires Back at Jerry Jones for Saying Players Will Stand or Not Play, Warns Against Making Players’ Rights ‘Subservient’

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to be fed up with the disrespectful national anthem protests infesting the NFL. Jones basically told his players that if they don’t stand for the anthem, then the team won’t play. But, now the NFL player’s union is countering Jones’ comment and insisting that anthem protests are “conscientious” and “respectful.”

AP jeffrey T Barnes

USA Today Reporter Omitted Ted Kennedy Killing Woman But Wants Greg Hardy Banned for D.V. Accusation

If Christine Brennan could write a fawning eulogy to Senator Ted Kennedy that emphasized his love of the water without mentioning that Mary Jo Kopechne drowned while he swam to safety after driving his Oldsmobile off a bridge, why won’t she let Greg Hardy play football after enduring more punishment than that meted out to the late senator that she so admired?

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