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The Changeup: Liberals Now Say ESPN’s Liberal Bias a Good Thing

For most of the last year, ESPN in particular and the liberal sports media, in general, have jumped through hoops to deny that the cable sports network has any liberal bias problem. But, now that the obvious is getting too hard to deny, their tactics are changing. Now, all of a sudden, ESPN’s liberal bias is a good thing.

ESPN to axe several on-air personalities

ESPN Ignores Survey Results That Show Viewers Think Network Too Liberal

On Monday, Cable sports network ESPN breathlessly reported that a new survey it had commissioned and paid for proved that its viewers don’t think the network has a problem with liberal bias. But now, a closer look at ESPN’s own survey seems to show that the network completely ignored the part of its that said 63 percent thought the network was too liberal.

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Liberal ESPN Commissions Survey to Prove ESPN Has No Liberal Bias

Despite surveys by at least two other disinterested parties, ESPN continues to insist it isn’t losing viewers because of its ever-present liberal bias. And now, to prove its point, ESPN paid for a survey that set out to prove ESPN has no liberal bias. Unsurprisingly, the survey found that ESPN has no liberal bias.