Pro-Second Amendment Rights Czech President Uses Toy Gun to Mock Tension with Liberal Media

milos zeman

Liberal media outlets in the West have affected outrage after Czech President Miloš Zeman brandished a toy rifle inscribed with the words “for journalists”.

“Do not be afraid”, the president told reporters at a press conference Friday, pointing out that the novelty item was loaded only with “a bottle of Becherovka” liquor as ammunition.

While the toy was given as a gift to Zeman — a strong proponent of the U.S. constitution’s second amendment — during his recent tour of the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary region, Western media has presented the stunt as a serious threat to the lives of journalists working in the central European nation.

Noting that the Czech president has “sought ways to keep immigrants out”, The Washington Post accused Zeman of having “declared war on the media”, in an article which claimed journalists are increasingly unsafe in European Union (EU) nations whose voters and governments reject mass migration.

Reporting how the president compared the media to a “septic tank” in comments he made in 2002, the Washington D.C.-based U.S.-daily newspaper alarmedly proclaimed that Zeman’s appearance “marked a new low point in the relations between the media and the Czech head of state”.

The press conference Friday was also branded “inappropriate” by ThinkProgress, with the George Soros-funded outlet citing think tank Freedom House and asserting that Czech politicians have joined U.S. President Donald Trump  — along with anti-mass migration governments in Poland and Hungary  —  in “undermining traditional media outlets”.

“Democracy is more than just elections”, asserted a report published last year by Freedom House, which claimed that the system was under threat in Central and Eastern Europe, because politicians have resisted Brussels’ demands to import thousands of migrants from the third world.

According to the American NGO  — which is financially backed by, and has close links to, globalist financier Soros  — “xenophobia and religious intolerance” went against the fundamental values of democracy”, while any attempt in Europe to ban the niqab was blasted as anti-democratic on the basis that they could “pander to anti-Islamic sentiment”.

As reported by Breitbart London, Zeman has called for second amendment-like rights for European citizens on a number of occasions, arguing an armed European citizenry is essential for protection against Islamist terrorists. In August he called on his fellow countrymen to start carrying firearms in reaction to a string of terror attacks, he also called for border closures.

The Czech president’s latest remarks follow a clear recent swing in the country right-wards, with the national elections over the weekend being seen as a victory for right-wing Eurosceptics. In a landslide result, the Czech public voted for Andrej Babiš, a populist billionaire often compared to Donald Trump, to lead the country, and demoted the nation’s formerly governing left-wing party to their worst result in national history.


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