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Watch: Mayweather Mocks Pacquiao in Instagram Video

After the richest fight in boxing history, which saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision, Pacquiao revealed that he fought with a torn rotator cuff suffered while preparing for the fight. Now, two months and $220 million

After the richest fight in boxing history, which saw Floyd …

Whither Boxing?

hree million people paid for boxing. The cable companies gave them “Dancing with the Stars” instead. One needn’t work in a laboratory to grasp that this does not bode well for the sweet science.

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Keith Olbermann Rips Mayweather, Pacquiao, the Fight

During ESPN2’s “Olbermann” on Monday, host Keith Olbermann opened with a monologue saying that he told everybody to boycott the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and that they should have listened to him. In the monologue, Olbermann ripped Mayweather for being


Evander Holyfield: Pacquiao Won the Fight

After Saturday’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., which saw Mayweather win by unanimous decision, former heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Evander Holyfield told ESPN’s Robert Flores that he actually thought Pacquiao won Saturday’s fight. Holyfield was asked if


SNL Decides Not to Compete With Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” decided to give up on competing with the pay-per-view broadcast of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight by “pirating” the broadcast of the fight. The sketch begins with NBC recapping its sports line-up of hockey, the Kentucky Derby, and


Mike Tyson: Mayweather a ‘Very Small, Scared Man’

In an interview with UCN, former boxer Mike Tyson reacted to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. saying he is better than Muhammad Ali. Tyson stated that Mayweather is “very delusional” by reasoning that he is a “very small, scared man” because he


L.A.’s Oscar De La Hoya: Hometown Mayweather Will Get Close Rounds

Oscar De La Hoya, who faced Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Manny Pacquiao, losing to both of them, had some interesting comments about the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao $400 million record-setting fight on Saturday at the MGM Grand, including his declaration that the deck is stacked against Pacquiao, as Las Vegas is Mayweather’s hometown.


ESPN’s Saunders: You Couldn’t Pay Me to Watch Mayweather Fight

On Sunday’s “Sports Reporters” on ESPN, ESPN journalist John Saunders discussed the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on May 2. Mayweather has been convicted five times of domestic violence. Saunders proclaimed that knowing Mayweather Jr.’s history,