Marie Harf

Obama Admin’s Marie Harf: Hillary Clinton Should ‘Go Away’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” former State Department spokeswoman in the Obama administration Marie Harf said Hillary Clinton should stop talking about the reasons for her loss in the 2016 presidential election and  “go away.” Partial transcript

Marie Harf

Harf: Iraq’s Forces ‘Do Have the Will to Fight’

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf argued that Iraqi forces “do have the will to fight” “when they’re equipped, when they have support” on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN. Harf was asked if the State Department agreed with Defense Secretary


U.S. Ambassador Counters Turkish Mayor ‘Stupid Blonde’ Insult at Marie Harf By Coloring His Hair

Last week, the mayor of Ankara – evidently inspired by Turkish media editorials, and soon joined by a large number of online supporters – referred to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf as a “stupid blonde.” The insult was part of a sour-grapes taunt at the State Department for daring to criticize heavy-handed Turkish police tactics, without also denouncing the curfew imposed during recent riots in Baltimore.


Blitzer, Harf: We’re Happy We’re Hanging Out With Jane Fonda

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and State Department Acting Spokesperson Marie Harf lavished praise on Jane Fonda, while Blitzer also expressed his joy to be hanging out with Harf in an interview broadcast during CNN’s coverage of Saturday’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner.


State Dept. Spokeswoman Asked if Americans Trapped in Yemen Should Swim to Safety

The plight of Americans abandoned in Yemen by the Obama administration is a gigantic national scandal, studiously ignored by the same media that invent various “outrages” to hit Republican presidential candidates with. Despite the lack of adequate coverage in the mainstream media, at least one journalist felt baffled enough by State Department tactics to ask just how Americans trapped in Yemen are expected to escape: “Swim?”

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Stuck In Yemen? Help Could Be Just A Click Away

If you happen to be trapped in the war-torn country Barack Obama described as one of his big foreign-policy “success stories” just months ago, and you’re feeling a bit nervous that the State Department has no plans to evacuate you, why not try clicking on

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Obama More Guilty of ‘Treason’ than Senate Republicans

Democrats and the mainstream media have used the words “traitor” and “treason” to describe a letter to Iranian leaders, drafted by freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and signed by 47 Republican Senators, that warns any nuclear deal President Barack Obama signs may be voided by a future administration or Congress if it is not ratified by the Senate. Since they have brought the “t-words” into the debate, it is worth examining the case against Obama himself, which is far more damning.

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Harf Scolds Reporter for ‘Fact-Checking’ Her

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf criticized a reporter for “fact-checking me live and instantaneously during my press briefing” on Friday. After Harf said “each individual employee has a responsibility under the federal regulations to preserve their own records, with


Obama’s ‘See No Evil’ Islam

Speaking at an Iranian-American Community symposium, an obviously frustrated former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani posed a rhetorical question to his audience.

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Psaki and Harf: The Clueless, Defending the Hopeless

The State Department spokesperson has the task of defending the president’s foreign policy more often than any other government official. During President Barack Obama’s first term, that unenviable task fell to the opaque Victoria Nuland, whose redeeming feature was that there was a spine behind the smokescreen. (“F*** the E.U.,” she famously said, albeit in private, on Russia and the Ukraine.) Not so with successors Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, the clueless defending the hopeless.

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