U.S. Ambassador Counters Turkish Mayor ‘Stupid Blonde’ Insult at Marie Harf By Coloring His Hair


Last week, the mayor of Ankara – evidently inspired by Turkish media editorials, and soon joined by a large number of online supporters – referred to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf as a “stupid blonde.” The insult was part of a sour-grapes taunt at the State Department for daring to criticize heavy-handed Turkish police tactics, without also denouncing the curfew imposed during recent riots in Baltimore.

The American ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, decided to show support for Harf by coloring his hair and declaring “American diplomats: we’re all blonde” on Instagram:


Live free or dye!  (Although it looks more like Photoshop than a dye job, and Bass’ sense of solidarity with Harf apparently didn’t extend to coloring his beard.)

Is “we’re all blonde” really the counter-punch America’s diplomatic corps wanted to throw at the Turks over this?