MSNBC Guest: Criminal Justice Reform Must Be ‘Across the Board’

Saturday, during MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry,” host and executive producer of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman reacted to President Barack Obama’s executive order to eliminate the section on a job application for criminal history, saying criminal justice reform has to be “across the board.”

“It is very important what’s happening and you see across the political spectrum and the whole issue of mass incarceration, as well. People saying the fact that the United States has, what, 5 percent of the population, 25 percent of prisoners is not acceptable, but has to be across the board. It show also the power of movements.”

She then added that it is an “astounding story” that one-third of the prisoners are being deported.

“You had the largest release, 6,000 people in three days. a third of them are being deported. It’s an astounding story. This goes to immigration. Paul Ryan just said immigration is not on the table. A third them, close to 2,000 prisoners, will go right out of the country.”

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